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Board of Directors & Staff

Derek Jones - CNGPA President
Derek Jones is a principal of Vern Jones Oil and Gas Corporation and President of California Energy Exchange Corp.  He has been active in the oil and gas industry since 1975, and has attained experience in oil and gas exploration and production, energy marketing and resource development.  Derek has extensive experience in the California gas market with pipeline development and operations.  He has also been involved in executive positions with the California Natural Gas Producers Association, California Independent Petroleum Association, Independent Petroleum Association of America, Sacramento Petroleum Association, and the Sacramento Valley Exploration Society.

Jerry Reedy -  CNGPA Treasurer
Jerry Reedy is President of Rio Delta Resources. Jerry served as president of CNGPA from 2006-2008.

P. Anthony Thomas - CNGPA Executive Director 
P. Anthony Thomas serves as both the California Independent Petroleum Association's (CIPA) Director of Government Affairs as well as Executive Director of the California Natural Gas Producers Association (CNGPA), a wholly owned subsidiary of CIPA.  He oversees the association's advocacy at the state level, particularly in regards to air and water quality issues, works to promote CNGPA's and CIPA's agenda in the State Legislature, and administers the CNGPA. Prior to joining CIPA, P. Anthony was Director of Policy Engagement for Strategic Counsel, where he provided counsel to the firms’ corporate clients on how best to avoid excessive regulation, taxes and fees. 

Additional Seats on the CNGPA Board are held by the following distinguished companies:
ABA Energy Corporation
Capitol Oil Corporation 
Concordia Resources, Inc.
Foothill Energy, LLC
Geolog, Inc.
Robert A. Booher Consulting 




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